House Dungeoness

We are a personal and private dungeon and photography studio located in a residential area in northeast metro-Atlanta. We also host a monthly munch, vetted events and parties, as well as collaborate with other community organizers.

House Dungeoness started as just an interesting thought. An idea. A whisper of what could be between two avid kinksters, lovers and friends. What we have created is no less than our own deep dark interests brought to life with an eagerness to share and to make new friends, educate and experience. And if we're lucky, to continuously add to, renovate and provide interesting, unique options. It took us almost a year to find the right house to make this dream come true! The space is an ever evolving, changing work in progress. The majority of the work in our dungeon space is being done by us as we can.

Dungeoness & DungeonAlex

Mistress Dungeoness and Sir DungeonAlex provide mentoring, education and professional domination services to a wide array of clients. They are dedicated to safety and education of the BDSM lifestyle.

You can find their personal profiles on FetLife.

We offer several services and levels to fit most intersts and budgets.



    Dungeoness is a triple certified master lifestyle coach practitioner with accredited diplomas in psychology and counseling. She specializes in lifestyle guidance for newcomers and helping those already in the lifestyle on their personal journeys and navigation within. She accepts all genders, couples and polycules. She is always doing research for inclusion in a lifestyle book.

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    The House keeps a small group of exclusive Pro-Domme clientele. Openings come semi-regularly as clients rotate in and out of service. Appointments are flexible and all genders are welcome. An interview, background check and initial intake in a public location or online is required. The House is always on the lookout for submissive bottoms and service submissives dedicated to the House.

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    They have a professional photography studio "Deviant Imagery" where they use decades of expertise to create beautiful and unique personal images. They have scheduled shoots and private sessions. They do lifestyle, bdsm, boudoirglamour, professional and vanilla shoots. They also do on location group shoots.

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    Mentoring and educating are our passion. We are available to mentor those who genuinely want to learn and have a need for mentoring. We especially enjoy helping newcomers on their personal journeys. We also offer education in specific bdsm interests in single or multiple sessions.

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