Voice of Dungeoness Podcast

The Sound You've Been Waiting For...

Podcasts are currently being recorded to give us a headstart on live stream. We are looking for BDSM based businesses, scene experts, play experts, convention hosts, community leaders and anyone else who thinks they can bring positivity and fun to the podcast.

The "Voice of Dungeoness" has been a side project for about a year now (since 2022) and we are happy and excited to say we are finally ready to start dropping some podcasts! Our first podcast will be an introduction to House Dungeoness, PetrasWyvern and Dungeoness. Coming in July. This will be a bi-weekly podcast sometimes live, sometimes recorded if needed.

We want to know what YOU want to hear! Go to the bottom of this page and take a survey to tell us what your interests are, what the hot topics are, who you would like to hear from...

Also, on occasion, Dungeoness will read one of her own, PetrasWyvern or someone in the community's personally written short story! She thinks her voice sucks but apparently she's been told it's sexy... let's see what happens. If you have a short story you would like to submit, fill in the form below and attach a pdf. If chosen, you must sign a release for us to read the story.

Subjects We Will Feature...

  • BDSM 101

  • Protocol

  • Products/ Services

  • Conventions/ Events

  • Sexual Identities

  • Role Navigation

  • Trans Journeys

  • Play Experts

  • Comedy

  • BDSM & the Law

  • Health/ Well-being

  • Games

  • Authors

  • Spirituality

  • Polyamory

  • Safety & Privacy