Professional Domination Services



I am a primal predator. I am sensually sadistic. I love to hunt. I growl deliciously, whine temptingly & have a wonderful set of claws that, yes, I know how to use exquisitely. You will feel every sharp point & love it. I am deeply intense, sensual, and sinful. I have an innate, raw, dangerously primal need to feed my dark desires. I love to savor and devour. I will test you & challenge you. I may bite you. I will teach you. I will play with your mind and body yet leave your soul intact. A soul is to be protected & treasured. I will feed on your surrender.

As your Domme, I give you professional BDSM/fetish sessions that require tribute. We may or may not have a connection. I am fulfilling a professional domination service for you as your dominatrix, mommy, handler, etc. I am fond of these implements: floggers, dragon tails, crops, canes, paddles, and carbon fiber sticks. I also enjoy electroplay, wax and am open to experimentation. I love the face of a client during a good sounding.

My new additions to my repitoire include needle play and carving/cutting. If you don't understand what those are ask me. I could get into an interrogation scene too but I could just as well have you worship my feet and serve me.

I am NOT seeking a sexual partner! I am sexually monogamous with PetrasWyvern. Do not message me about sex or sex acts of any kind. I do not offer sex acts for compensation and I only engage in consensual activities and no "consensual non-consensual".


I am a Sensual Dom with a most sadistic side. I particularly love pain sluts who need an ultimate endorphin release. But I also adore a little who loves impact play or a service bottom who wants to serve me.  A favorite body part of mine to torture is your nipples.  

Choice delivery methods for dispatching pain are my Violet Wand, Florentine Floggers, Carbon Fiber and Birch Canes, and bare handed spanking OTK.  Artistic Rope supplements my repertoire.  I also perform deep tissue and sensual massage. (Sorry, no happy endings, you can do that yourself while I watch. “If I let you”.)

I am sensual and gentle where necessary and a demonic sadist when settled upon.  Aftercare is a specialty. Bring your favorite blanket and stuffie.

I am NOT seeking a sexual partner!  I am sexually monogamous with Dungeoness. Do not message me about sex or sex acts of any kind.  I do not offer sex acts for compensation, and I only engage in consensual activities… i.e., NO "Consensual Non-Consensual".