We are a personal and private dungeon and photography studio located in a residential area in northeast metro-Atlanta. House Dungeoness started as just an interesting thought. An idea. A whisper of what could be between two avid kinksters, lovers and friends.

What we have created is no less than our own deep dark interests brought to life with an eagerness to share and to make new friends, to educate and experience. And if we're lucky, to continuously add to, renovate and provide interesting, unique options for friends and clients in a safe and sanitary space.

It took us almost a year to find the right house to make this dream come true! The space is an ever evolving, changing work in progress. The majority of the work in our dungeon space is being done by us as we can. Although we are always on the lookout for service subs who may want to volunteer.

The play space is almost 500 sq ft of decadent torture! The blood-red & castle stone accent walls, metallic ceiling & polished floor screams for, well, screams! This area serves as a Pro-Dom/me work area, demo and workshop area, & play space for events AND is great for professional photography! It boasts our custom made, seven foot, 8 inch thick hardwood St. Andrews cross. This beautiful piece of artistic excellence has multiple tie points, wrist & ankle restraints, on a heavy duty movable stand, topped by baby dragons on spires. Also available is an "Elegant Suffering" portable spanking horse, a "Dungeon Delights" adjustable spanking/pegging bench, a massage table in the "Travis Room",  a cage, two vintage birthing chairs for intimate torture, the "suspension corner" featuring a heavy duty ceiling mounted suspension bar with a yoga swing attachment, and another side wall with tie points and chains. New furniture is always being added and rotated and there is ample space for future expansion that will double the play space!

Adjacent to the dungeon is our 600 sq ft lounge area where guests can relax, socialize and watch scenes in the dungeon or rest after a vigorous session with play partners, Sir or Mistress. The various photographic backgrounds on display on the walls and additional suspension points give this area a unique personality and is a photographer's playground. Photos are not allowed during events without a signed contract and/or permission.

All spaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using hospital grade sanitizer and high temp steam cleaning. Deep cleaning is done before and after every event and pro-Dom/me session.

Mistress of the House


Dungeoness provides lifestyle coaching and professional domination services to all genders. She has been in the lifestyle since her teens and active in the local community since 2017. Her interests are wide and varied and include bondage, impact play, violet wand, cutting, needle play, edge play and she is sensually primal. She is a triple certified life coach with accredited diplomas in psychology and counseling.

Master of the House


DungeonAlex provides sensual and sadistic bdsm services to female clientele, although he will also top a male submissive who enjoys hard impact play. His favorite implements include rope, the violet wand, Florentine floggers, paddles and spanking by hand. He has a nurturing nature with a sadistic edge that will give you pause and tweak those nether regions. He also provides amazing massages and builds custom made to order St Andrews crosses.