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Dungeoness, CLCP

Quad certified in Lifestyle and Mindset Lifestlye Coach and Accredited Diplomas in Psychology and Counseling. Certified Master Life Coach

My current Certifications are: "Confidence Coach", "Emotional Intelligence Coach", "Cognitive Behavioral Coach" and "Mindset Coach"; Certifying me as a Master Life Coach. I also hold an accredited diploma as a Counseling Practitioner (CP) and an accredited diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (DiMAP).

I am always learning and applying my knowledge and natural abilities to help people navigate their various life journeys in the Lifestyle. I am currently working on Bioenergetics, Hypnotherapy, Dark Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, and Mental Health and Wellness Professional among other interests. In honest transparency, I am not a "licensed" professional or therapist. Also, I focus on Lifestyle related situations only although life and the Lifestyle often collide.

I am a "Sensitive" meaning I read people, situations and issues well. A New Orleans psychic once told me I was also a psychic. That remains to be seen.

I am also a Pro-Domme, offering services in professional domination requiring tribute. I also find occasional submissives locally to serve me without tributes. Submissives come and go, I have not discovered long term loyalty yet.

My current favorite services are service training, hard impact play, carving, needle play, hot wax, mind fucking, pegging, sensory play and a few more.

My extensive repertoire includes:

  • flogging, impact play and torture on my very beautiful St Andrew's cross,
  • dragon tails,
  • bondage (rope and other),
  • pet handling and training,
  • spanking and paddling,
  • knife play,
  • fire cupping,
  • electroplay (violet wand and tens),
  • sensory deprivation and overload,
  • sounding,
  • ball and cock torture (no stomping),
  • CD, Sissy Training (including hair, makeup and poise instruction)
  • transition support (MtF or FtM)
  • professional photography
  • and much more.
    *(I am very happy to experiment with you.)* I am open to all genders.

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